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Artificial Intelligence based Financial coach delivered through text.

Meet Zai, your financial coach and confidante. Zai will help you change your financial behavior at the source, and empower you with the awareness of your patterns, so you can change them.

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We've got to start somewhere, and that somewhere is with syncing your bank accounts and credit cards. It’s time to bear your truth, no judgement, we promise. This is a line in the sand, a place to start and together with Zai you can only prosper from here.


Zai will analyze all those accounts and just like any friend, come up with a series of recommendations and goals through our customized algorithm. Don’t worry, we keep track of these behind the scenes to see how well we are able to facilitate better financial health.


Zai will become your accountability partner in ways that will make you laugh and may even surprise you. In order to change, you must first become aware. Using behavioral economic principles and fundamental human psychology, you will change your financial habits. This is Zai's promise. All through simple text messages.

We’re making it easier to save money, starting with your habits, in real-time.

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